Welcome to Ecotech Motorsport.

Ecotech is about greener motorsport.

It’s our mission to find innovative ways to provide the traditional thrills of motorsport in a way that respects the environment we depend on.

Drawing on 30 plus years experience in racing car design and manufacture, combined with the very latest advances in green powerplants and manufacturing processes, Ecotech is finding new ways to support motorsport’s emerging environmental conscience.

Ecotech Motorsport is proud to be a pioneer in the field of environmentally sensitive motorsport.

We believe we are unique in providing a fully developed competition rolling chassis ready to accept a multitude of various powerplants and fuelling options.

With the vehicle’s designer as part of our team we are able to provide rapid development of a marketing and demonstration platform for alternative fuel and engine manufacturers to showcase their products with maximum exposure.

By aiming at the motorsport market we feel that we can place these products directly in view of the segment of the market most likely to respond and gain maximum exposure for our clients.

Secondly by leveraging our extensive contacts in the motorsport design and fabrication community we can also assist with further development of concepts through to full-scale manufacture.